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DayPasses, FlashPasses & Discount Passes

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1. Can I get a refund on a pass or ticket?
2. Is there a pass for Shreveport city employees?
3. What discount passes are available?
4. What passes are available?

Fares, Discount Fares & Transfers

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1. Can drivers make change? Can I get change from the farebox?
2. Is there a way to avoid having to carry correct change all the time? Can I avoid having to buy transfers?
3. What bills will the farebox accept?
4. What is the regular bus fare?
5. What is the transfer fee? Where can I purchase transfers? How long does a transfer last?

ID Cards for Discount Fares & Passes

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1. What will I need for a SporTran ID?
2. When are ID cards issued?