What will I need for a SporTran ID?
  • If you are a senior citizen, you will need positive proof of your age (must be 65 or over). A Medicare card, Louisiana ID, or Driver's License can be used.
  • If you are disabled and are not 65 or on Medicare, you will need a to have a reduced fare application filled out with physician certification completed.
  • If you are a student, you must have a current letter from your school/school Board. The letter must have the Caddo or Bossier Parish seal and no copies will be accepted. Students at private or alternative schools may apply with an original letter (no copies) from their school. Students must be age 12 through the 12th grade. There is a $2 fee for student ID cards.
  • If you are a Shreveport city employee, you will need your most recent check stub along with a city ID that matches your pay stub.

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1. What will I need for a SporTran ID?
2. When are ID cards issued?