SporTran Community Feedback Surveys 2023

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2023 Community Feedback Survey Data and Results

On September 15, 2023, SporTran launched two Community Feedback surveys to gauge public transit passengers’ satisfaction with SporTran. Question topics included SporTran routes and schedules, programs like Zero Fare, safety, and customer service. The response window closed Monday, October 1, 2023. 

Beginning Monday, October 16, SporTran will host four public meetings to share the survey results with the community. Anyone interested in the data is encouraged to attend.

Two surveys were developed: one for fixed-route passengers and one for OnDemand passengers, including our OnDemand ADA service. All participants are anonymous, and no personal data was collected.

To access the full survey reports, please click on the links below.

Click here for complete data from Fixed-Route Service Survey: Fixed-Route Data Report

Click here for complete data from OnDemand Micro & Paratransit/ADA Service Survey: OnDemand Data Report