Discount Qualifications

SporTran Reduced Fare Program

Information & Eligibility:

The Federal Transit Administration requires agencies receiving federal funding to offer a fixed route Half Fare program to seniors, people with disabilities and individuals with Medicare cards. People with disabilities for this purpose are defined by FTA as:

“those individuals who, by reason of illness, injury, age, congenital malfunction, or other permanent or temporary incapacity or disability, including those who are non-ambulatory wheelchair-bound and those with semi-ambulatory capabilities, are unable without special facilities or special planning or design to utilize mass transportation facilities and services as effectively as persons who are not so affected.”

Having a disability does not necessarily qualify an individual for a reduced fare. Income is not a determining factor. SporTran defines senior citizens as those individuals 65 and over. Exclusions to the Reduced Fare eligibility include: pregnancy, obesity, acute or chronic alcoholism or drug addiction, contagious diseases and temporary disabilities with a duration of less than 90 days. SporTran reduced fare photo IDs are valid for 90 days and up to 3 years. A $2.00 processing fee is required.

Applicant Instructions

  1. Complete the Reduced Fare Application. Answer all questions. Ability to pay a fare is not a determining factor.
  2. If you are a senior citizen age 65 or over, have a current Medicare card, or are a veteran with VA service related disability rating of 70% or greater, complete the first page of this application.
  3. A person with a disability that does not meet the criteria in item 2 above should fill out the reduced fare application and have their doctor complete the physician’s certification attached.
  4. Bring identification with proof of age, Medicare card, Physician’s Certification, or VA rating documentation to the Customer Service Office at the downtown terminal. Reduced fare ID processing hours are: Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. & 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. There is a $2.00 processing fee.