Adopt-A-Bus Stop/Shelter

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Adopt-A-Bus Stop/Shelter Program

What is the Adopt-A-Bus Stop/Shelter Program?

The “Adopt-A- Bus Stop/Shelter” Program has been established by the City to conserve and protect the natural resources of Shreveport. The Program enables citizens, civic clubs, schools, commercial establishments, industrial establishments, church groups, and other organizations to adopt transit bus stop sites (or other street rights-of-way not commonly used by transit services within the corporate limits of the City) for the sole purpose of cleaning and/or removing litter and beautifying the surrounding landscape.

How Does the Program Work?

Participants in the Adopt-a-Bus Stop/Shelter Program volunteer to clean and pick up litter at the Shreveport bus stop or bus shelter of their choosing a minimum of 4 times per year, and they have the option to make general improvements to the grounds around the stop or shelter, including light landscaping.

The City and/or SporTran shall furnish any organization desiring to participate in the Adopt-A-Bus Stop/Shelter program a form agreement approved by the Office of the City Attorney. The organization shall submit the agreement to SporTran and, upon approval by the director of SporTran, shall execute the agreement.

As a volunteer in the Adopt-a-Stop and Adopt-a-Shelter programs, you or your organization will receive:

• An Adopt-a-Stop sign recognizing your neighborhood or organization affixed to the pole with the bus route sign following documentation of 2 clean-ups (if you choose)

• Trash bags, litter grabbers, safety vests, and traffic signs on loan for use on clean-up days

• An official “Adoption Certificate” signed by SporTran’s CEO

• An opportunity to improve the aesthetic appeal of your community!

In addition, SporTran will remove the bagged litter from your stop or shelter once you have finished for the day.

How Can I Adopt a Bus Stop or Shelter?

Volunteer to help beautify your neighborhood today by clicking the link below to download the Adopt-A-Bus Stop/Shelter Application Form. Once received, SporTran will review your form and notify your organization of approval. Please read over the form carefully to become familiar with the responsibilities you will share to help make the program a success. Requirements for Adopting Organizations include reading over all documents, sharing information with each team member, notifying SporTran before any work is done, and other items listed in the application. Together, we can make our community a #CleanerShreveport!

Click to Download Adopt-A-Bus Stop/Shelter Application Form