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Transportation for the Disabled

Important news: All SporTran rides, including OnDemand and paratransit, are ZERO FARE through 2023!

SporTran operates the newest fleet of city buses in Louisiana. And all of SporTran's buses are equipped with wheelchair lifts, kneel for easy access or have special low floors allowing passenger to roll directly onto the bus floor.

Priority Seating and Accessibility

Seats in the front of the bus directly behind the operator and next to the door are reserved for persons using wheelchairs, persons with ambulatory disabilities and senior citizens. Federal law requires that other passengers sitting in the securement areas move to other available seats or stand when a person using a mobility aide boards the bus.

Do not sit in any of the Mobility Aide Securement Areas if you are not elderly or a person with a disability. You will have to move to another seat or stand if a person using a mobility aid boards the bus.

While all buses can accommodate wheelchairs, not all bus stops are easily accessible to those using wheelchairs and scooters. Please contact SporTran at 318-673-7415, for personalized routing information.

SporTran also operates a paratransit van service called OnDemand. OnDemand vans are specially equipped with wheelchair lifts/ramps and other accessibility features that allow maximum mobility for customers with disabilities. For more information on eligibility for OnDemand Paratransit service, call 318-673-7415.

Please click here to see the City of Shreveport ADA Grievance procedures.